Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Request From Dr. Vitulli

Twitter bird
Note from Dr. Vitulli
I am attending the 2014 National Art Education Association Convention (my favorite professional conference!) in San Diego, CA Friday, March 28th - Monday, March 31st.
The theme is SPARK! Fusing Innovative Teaching & Emerging Technologies

I will be tweeting what I find tweet-worthy, interesting, observe & learn during the NAEA conference. Tweets with hash tag #NAEA14 will be shared and read by thousands of NAEA conference tweeters. Additionally, if you want my attention, be sure to add @paigevitulli and better yet, to be read by all who are following me at USA, hash tag your related tweet #EDU301, #EDM310 and #EDM510. Go ahead and search #NAEA14 at Twitter and read what educators and vendors are sharing pre-conference.

Vendors give away all sorts of fun educational and art related supplies at NAEA. In addition to what you learn and the good art/tech ideas you might gain from tweeting with me (intrinsic motivation), TOP TWEETERS might get some surprise materials that I bring back from the conference (extrinsic motivation).

*TOP TWEETERS are selected at my discretion based on quality and quantity of substantive art/technology related tweets. PV


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Follow Lots of Teachers on Twitter

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It appears some of you may have mixed up the C4T assignment in which you read a post of a blog for a teacher you select (as well as posts for two teachers I select for you - one permanent and one that changes) and the assignment to follow Tweeting teachers.

You will regularly read the posts of three teachers as part of your C4T assignment. I need the URL for the blog of the teacher whom you select.

For Twitter it is important to follow lots of teachers. Start with all (or many) of the teachers with Twitter addresses I have listed on the C4T assignment sheet. I do not need to know who they are. Add as many as you want. If you find someone others should follow, send a Tweet to #edm510.

Monday, February 10, 2014

More Questions From Mary Alice Pouliot

Questions and answers number 2
Pouliot Question 1
On the Blog assignment page it says that I need to choose a teacher of my choice to follow throughout the semester (#3). This is in addition to the 2 you schedule for us, one that I follow all semester, the other that rotates every 3 weeks. Do you have a suggestion of where we should go to find such a blogging teacher?

Strange Response 1
If you need to find anything, what would you do? I would try a search engine, probably Google. What would I search for? Blogging Teacher in … whatever. I also suggested that you look at the list of teachers on the C4T document. There are far more there than I use in EDM510!

Pouliot Question 2 On the Master Checklist it notes that we should read PLN and work on PDP. What are these?

Strange Response 2

See the Assignments section of Sakai (USA Online). Find PDP Assignment." This assignment was opened on January 29, just as I took over section 802. I modified it shortly before it became accessible to you. I will add more material about PLNs as the course proceeds. Start with the original assignment as modified by me.

Pouliot Question 3
For commenting on our classmates blogs, I see who I am supposed to post to this week, but I’m not sure what my assignment is. Do I read their latest post on plagiarism and respond to that, or do I watch their book trailer or their intro video and respond to that?

Strange Response 3
Leave a comment on all substantive posts. The plagiarism post is not due until Tuesday midnight. If it is there it is up to you whether you respond or not. I encourage you to do so.

Pouliot Question 3b
And when responding to classmates or EDM 310 student’s posts, I don’t need to introduce myself and link to the EDM510 blog and my own blog each time, do I? That would just be for the teacher blogs I post to and the student I post to, right?

Strange Response 3b
Wrong. The students will be different every Wednesday. So you need to identify yourself each time. Later in the semester EDM310 students will begin leaving comments on EDM510 blogs. It will be good if everyone knows each other.

Pouliot Question 4
On our Master Checklist it states to create a Twitter account and then contribute things about EDM 510? I’ve never used Twitter before, so perhaps this will make more sense once I create an account. But, I may need more guidance here on what is expected of me and how to prove that I’m doing what I need to do for our class.

Strange Response 4
You learn by doing new things. That should be why you are in EDM510 - to learn new things. Begin, as I said in my instructions, by watching my video. Next you follow teachers and read their Tweets. A good place to start would be to follow the teachers on the C4T assignment sheet who have a Twitter address. I have just added a more detailed set of Twitter instructions to the Drives of all EDM510 students. This should help clarify your questions. Twitter is very valuable to me. It can be of great value to you if you give it a chance and use it as a professional development tool and not a gossip column. As soon as I have the twitter addresses of all EDM510students I will share them on the Class Roster doc. Then you can follow each other. We will also begin to use the #EDM510 hash tag which is really just a tag that can be searched in Twitter and where the last 100 Tweets containing that tag can be read.

Question 5 Asked By Numerous Students but not Pouliot
I do not see my name in the C4K Assignment Doc. Why?

Strange Response 4
C4K does not start for EDM510 until Wednesday 2/12/14. The Doc that is there is for my convenience.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Important Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers
I have received similar questions from several EDM510 students. These happen to be posed by Mary Alice Pouliot but they could be yours as well.

Pouliot Question:
1) I read all the Plagiarism information and saw your survey results, etc. I see that we are supposed to comment on our own blog today in response to some discussion questions about it. (Then we must comment on another EDM510 student’s post about this topic, etc.) I’m not seeing discussion questions though. Can you tell me where to find those so that I answer them? Or, should I just give my impression/thoughts on “is it plagiarism yet?” etc.? Also, you intend for us to include an image/sound(for the deaf) on each of our posts, including this one, right?

Strange Answer: (Nice ring to it!)

1) The C4S (Comment on an EDM510 student) is unrelated to the Plagiarism assignment. Comment on the blog post specified in the assignment at the top of the C4S Assignment page. The topics will vary from week to week. C4S is part of your Commenting on Blogs Project.

The plagiarism discussion questions should arise out of the data and material (an unpublished paper of mine, other suggestions from me, and and anything else you find). You raise the questions/issues/problems/possible solutions from an examination of the data and commentaries you have read/watched. You are a teacher. This is what you have found out about your students. So....

Pouliot Question 2:

2) When posting in response to others posts, we do not need to include images/read aloud, right? That is only when we post to our own blog.

Strange Answer 2:

2) All posts that you add to your blog should have an image. All images should have tag modifiers (alt and title) so that the blind can hear and so that you acknowledge the source of the image. See the video related to that issue: Add Images and Tag Modifiers to Your Blog

When leaving a comment to someone's post you normally include only text or links. Watch the movie to learn how to write the code necessary to include a link in a comment: Adding Links and Break Code to Your Posts

Pouliot Question 3:

3) When we do a 3 week post that we save and only publish when the Master Checklist alerts us to “post” time, do you want 3 images, or just one? And, should it be screen shots of our posting correspondence with these teachers/students— or just an image that is related to the content discussed?

Strange Expanded Answer 3:

3) I do not want weekly summaries of C4T and C4K on your post. If you create that many posts your blog gets too cluttered and it is very inefficient for me since every additional post adds 5 minutes or so to my time because of the "prove you are not a robot" process and opening and closing posts. So you post the summaries on the dates as specified in the Checklist for C4K and C4T. I am happier because I am not wasting time - and that is important. I get copies automatically for C4C and C4S so they are not included in this discussion. You do the C4T or C4K assignment. If you do not add it to your post immediately, you will most probably forget the teacher or kid for whom you left the comment, what you read, and what you wrote. So you should add that to a post so you will have it when necessary. But I do not want it published until I am ready to read them. So you SAVE the post rather than publish it. Next week you add material to that unpublished post by editing it. If you place your cursor over the title of the post in Blogger, edit will appear. Click and edit. You will probably save your post again unless it is time to publish it. And on it goes.

You can add as many images as you feel appropriate. You must have at least one per post. You determine the image to use. It should be related to your blog post in some way.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Extremely Important Change to EDM510

We now use Google Drive in EDM 510
We have ended (probably) the use of Sakai for EDM510 Section 802.

We will use Google Drive and the EDM510 Class Blog instead.

You MUST watch these two videos to explain the changes. Do this as soon as possible.

Part 1 Introduction to EDM510 Section 802

Introduction to EDM510 Section 802 Part 2

If you have not completed the Questionnaire I sent you earlier this week you must omit now!

Call me at 251-610-2599 or email me at or at with any questions.

Friday, January 31, 2014

The EDM Lab WILL Be Open Saturday 2/1/4

Even though the Doc with the Lab times that I have shared says otherwise, the EDM Lab (3301) WILL be open Saturday 2/1/14 from 9am - 6pm